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Online Marketing Services for Alternative Energy Companies

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Online Marketing Services for Alternative Energy Companies

We can help alternative energy companies get noticed online

We’ve decided to offer online web development and digital marketing for alternative energy companies.

That could mean that our next client is a hydroelectric or wind power company. Our market fit is more likely to match to smaller companies. Technology innovators or local solar installers are more likely to find a good fit with us.

Our company has grown so far by working with small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the oil and gas industry. As the energy industry changes, we intend to change with it.

The reason for the SMB target customer is that we’re a small marketing agency. The largest energy firms tend to have in-house teams for web design and marketing.

We live in a fast-changing world, and no one knows what the future holds. We see in news and media articles that people tend to have strong polar opinions about energy.

Many people gravitate towards favouring green energy over fossil fuels. This view makes complete sense as only a fool would choose pollution over fresh air.

Hydrocarbon supporters say that alternative energy only provides a fraction of our needs. Oil and gas workers in particular face a lack of support, when they’re a valuable part of society. It can seem like if you’re for one type of energy source, you’re against the other.

Public anger against spills and pollution has demonised what’s still a valuable industry to society. At the time of writing, alternative energy couldn’t fill a gap in the event of an abandonment of fossil fuels.

Energy pragmatism and open-mindedness

In 50 years, the world is likely to be relying on solar or wind power for a much more significant percentage of its needs. Nuclear or coal with greener technology may be the best choice. (It seems unlikely now of course). Then there is cold fusion, or something not discovered or invented yet?

Instead of thinking oil=bad or wind=good, we prefer to be pragmatic. We hope that future leaders choose the best options that they have available. We understand the implications of human-induced pollution and climate change. We know that our children’s future will be affected by what we’re doing now.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether humans are causing climate change. Unless you are a climate scientist, it is better to keep an open mind. The best scientists have open minds too.

If the consensus is right, and we’re contributing to our own downfall, then we ought to stop. If the consensus is wrong, and we’re just between ice ages (etc), then one day humanity will realise, as long as we still exist.

One thing’s for sure, if we:

… Ignore the warnings and we cause our demise, then it’ll be too late.

… Decide that we’re causing it and later discover we’re wrong, there’s less downside.

There needs to be a better grip on so many environmental issues that we’re experiencing today. Global warming aside, the air pollution in so many cities is inhumane and intolerable. There are predictions that by 2050 there will be more plastic debris in the sea than fish.

Out of the Box Innovations want to work with conscientious companies and partners. Regardless of whether they’re in the traditional energy sectors or the ones of the future.

The biggest energy companies, such as Siemens or GE, are doing what they can to improve. Forward-thinking companies are looking at how they approach traditional energy. At the same time, they are innovating for the future.

We hope that in our decision to embrace a broader energy mix, we don’t alienate those who are in one camp over the other.

Abandoning oil, gas, and nuclear is not an option for the time being. Ignoring green alternatives would be foolish too.

Our typical clients are those who are looking at a better world for tomorrow. At the same time, they’re realistic about today.

If you’re reading this and you are a decision-maker inside an alternative energy company, let us help you. We can offer most aspects of online marketing and web design. Choose a partner that shares your vision and values.

Online Marketing Services for Alternative Energy Companies
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