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Resonsible for marketing solar products? The market for solar energy will continue to grow, you'll want to maximise your companies market share. Contact us to find out about our solar energy marketing solutions.

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Goodbye Oilpro: The Best Oil and Gas Online Community

The news about Oilpro closing… So, the website that I visited 5 days a week, and read at least 20 pages each time was going to close… I have quite a few years experience online, but only joined the oil and gas business at the start of 2015, a few months into the worst crash […]

An OOTBI Crossroads?

This blog post relates to the near term future… For me, and out of the box innovations. Those of you who know me understand my situation, and the current company structure. I might be on the verge of a couple of big decisions. Those of you who do know me, know that I’m straightforward in […]