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Working for Yourself: Why It Makes Sense

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Working for Yourself: Why It Makes Sense

Working for yourself sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The thought of working for yourself but with a significant initial investment is a show stopper for most people. However, this isn’t always the case. There are many opportunities where you start with an initial small investment and get a considerable profit.

Why does it make more sense for some people to work for themselves than to work for somebody else? These people are often smarter than their boss believes them to be. The same people think they can do more than being confined in an office environment. They feel the need to make a difference.

There’s no such thing as job security nowadays. If you’re the type who likes challenges, is self-sufficient, visionary, and responsible, it wouldn’t be such a loss if you suddenly lose a job. You might decide to take matters into your hands and go the self-employed or entrepreneurial route.

Why should you work for yourself instead?

See fifteen possible reasons below:

1. You have more to offer than what your job is offering you.

Yes, the 9-to-5 job idea sounds appealing to those who just want to work like machines and limit their creativity and potential. Most of the jobs out there don’t offer you the chance to contribute new ideas, increase sales figures, improve the work environment, or create change in the company. 

2. Being in an office can be a waste of time.

The typical routine job requires you to travel to your office. You’ll be in the office for eight hours or more per day so that they can see you. Most of the time, a job does not require that amount of time. Time is wasted just for the sake of being in an office. It’s a known fact that people have better work performance in places where they have fewer distractions.

3. Your dreams are bigger than what any company can offer you.

Have the freedom to achieve whatever you want without anyone telling you to stop. What can be more meaningful than knowing you’re doing it all for yourself?

4. If you have foresight, can think out of the box, a problem solver, and decisive, working for yourself makes sense.

You want to make things happen, not waste your time dealing with red-tape or indecisive people. Focusing on mind and creativity into your project yields great results.

Why should you work for yourself instead?

5. No need for a dress code when working for yourself.

Depending on the business you want to be in, you can dress according to your personality. Working in a corporate environment sometimes requires you to wear clothes that are not your style at all. You probably can’t even afford to buy fashionable office clothes as they can be expensive.

A good chunk of your money is spent on buying clothes, transportation going to the office, and outside food. You don’t have to spend this much when you work for yourself.

6. Having a boss really sucks.

Only a few people are born to be bosses and fewer good ones. The bad bosses don’t recognise the potential of their employees. They just want employees to do what they are told. OK, most bosses share leadership memes on social media and imagine that they inspire others. In reality, true leaders are scarce.

You’re always being watched, monitored, judged and told what to do. You get told when to arrive when to leave—it’s like someone is making all the decisions in life for you. Perhaps this is no way to live.

7. A salary is not the best gauge of your knowledge and what you can contribute to the job.

Some companies don’t recognise the true worth of their employees. They get paid so little yet end up doing so much. This set-up brews resentment and unhappiness. Unhappy people don’t work well and are less motivated, which results in high attrition rates.

8. Choose your own hours of the day to work in.

This is one of the top reasons in choosing to work for yourself. Having your own flexible working hours allows you to plot your day accordingly. The quality of life is improved with flexible working hours because you have a good work-life balance.

However, working for yourself does not mean you laze around all day doing nothing, as it will bring you no income. You must be disciplined enough to follow a schedule and stick to it.

9. There are no limits.

It’s good to have no limits as you may get some unexpected positive results. Nothing holds you back. The sky’s the limit!

Why should you work for yourself instead?

10. Follow your passion.

Companies are born out of passion. Doing what you love will bring you more satisfaction. In most cases, what you love is also what you’re talented at. Love your job and what you do, because if you are frustrated at work, all that negativity will have an impact on your personal life. Following your passion will allow you to stay more positive.

11. You’ll become stronger with time.

Working for yourself will sure have its impact on your maturity level. That’s why it’s a good step from this point of view. You’ll have to overcome many bumps in the road, which will forge resilience and tenacity, and you’ll be a better entrepreneur as time passes.

12. You’ll improve in all aspects of life.

Working in an office environment can be monotonous—there’s often little to no room for improvement. Working for yourself will allow you to discover what’s meaningful to you. You can find out your true calling and how you can achieve your highest potential.

13. Have a sense of accomplishment that you’ve done something to be proud of.

Not everyone will readily admit it but us humans are proud creatures. We like to look at our accomplishments. Our accomplishments are testaments to what we fought for, the respect we earned, and that our lives meant something.

14. You’ll feel more alive than ever.

Being in control of your life gives you that sense of being alive. It’s an intoxicating feeling. Who doesn’t want that?

15. You get to spend more time with your family

While working is essential for us to have a decent lifestyle, working for yourself will help you see your family more often. You have a life that doesn’t revolve around work alone. You’ll be there when your family needs you. You get to make your own life, work as well as be around your family when they need you. Work-family balance is essential.

There are good reasons why working for yourself makes sense. Before stepping up and making that decision, ask yourself if you can handle the rough patches that come with it.

You shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Strive to continue and saunter on, don’t lose your focus. Moreover, be realistic in your goals. Yes, working for yourself is in some ways, freedom, but not freedom from responsibilities. Working for yourself is just as serious as working for a company where you have to deliver excellent results.

It is not all about business planning. According to Scott Gerber, “Business planning isn’t a revenue-generating opportunity. Get started on your business so you can make money as soon as possible.” Don’t get stuck because you don’t have a business plan in place. What you need to know is you need you. No one else will do the job. You can motivate yourself it in a manner that it gives results.

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